Where Entrepreneurs Align

Eliances’ passion is to build communities of Entrepreneurs that facilitate personal and professional growth. We accomplish this through a proven framework of unique experiences, impactful relationships and an abundance of opportunities.


Eliances communities provide access to valuable relationships and a concentration of opportunities in private, invite-only, curated, unique events that offer more…they are Experiences. 


A weekly community experience where every one presents their 60-second 3G. Includes pre- and post-sessions for the "magic" that only Eliances offers.

eBrain Trust

Like masterminds, 8 - 10 like-minded Eliances members meet for a ½ day monthly, attend retreats, support, equip and encourage each other with input and feedback.


The largest gathering of our Experiences with special guests who fly in to attend, members share their 3G,  pre & post-sessions, and big announcements for the community.

About Eliances

Your Eliances community consists of Billionaires, Millionaires, CEOs, CFOs, Inventors, Investors, Startups, Lawyers, Politicians, Mentors, and more. Members range from incredibly experienced Billionaires to those living in their car trying to get their startup off the ground. Some members are incredibly successful and have founded or helped build multiple businesses. Members seek inspiration, and aspire to stay on the cutting edge with a desire of connecting and helping with one another. We also have many members in the developing, or incubator stage, who need mentorship, investors or other support. Eliances has a variety of experts in the fields of intellectual property, business development and management, marketing, and funding; virtually anything you might need to move the needle for your business, we have it in our member base. It truly is “Where Entrepreneurs Align”TM whether you are just starting out or are fully established.

Absolutely! This is probably the BEST place for you to be if you are still in planning or incubator mode. You can fast-forward your success by learning from the collective years of experience our members possess. Virtually anything you might need to move the needle for your business, we have it in our member base. But most importantly, Eliances is a community. It truly is “Where Entrepreneurs Align”TM whether you are just starting out or are fully established.

Yes, definitely! Eliances has members from countries all over the world.

Eliances communities online experience offers a secure, subscription-only website, communicating with our merchant account using the web, your address is needed for verification and authorization purposes. This is common for any online merchant account to prevent identity theft and most of all protect you, the member.

Your membership is private and anonymous. When you join, you will be asked to create a username. This username is the only information used if you post to our discussion forum. So unless you choose something very obvious like your name or company, none of the members will know who you are. Although you might want to consider using your name, so that you can differentiate yourself from your competition, and showcase your authority in your industry. Think about it: if you don’t use your name, not only will your competition not know who you are, neither will potential customers and collaborators. You also have the ability to set who sees your member profile. You can change the privacy setting at any time.

Members of Eliances can make updates to their membership account at any time by clicking on the Members link at the top of this page and logging in to their member profile to access their account information.

About Events

Once you have attended private ROUNDtable you may be offered an opportunity to become a member of Eliances. Please understand that you are NOT guaranteed a seat to our events, nor is cover charge included if the event has one.

Eliances private ROUNDtable, GRANDtable and other Experiences are by invite only. Guests are invited by a member of Eliances. To apply to attend, click the Request Your Private Invitation button on the Experiences page.

Invites go out a few days prior to private ROUNDtable and the time of day varies. Members can get an advanced reservation link by inviting a guest to an upcoming private ROUNDtable (Refer to How do I invite a guest to Eliances private ROUNDtable?)

As described in our ticket reservation system and on the confirmation email, once a reservation is completed, "All ticket sales are final, no refunds, exchanges, credits or transfers." Please understand your seats for each experience are reserved, counted, and confirmed. In the occurrence additional seats are released, they are first come, first served; we do not maintain a waiting list for any experience.

We’re glad you have received the incredible opportunity to experience Eliances. As mentioned during private ROUNDtable, not everyone is invited back. If you are offered the opportunity to become a member of Eliances, and activate your membership, you may, in addition to private ROUNDtable, receive invitations to come to additional Eliances experiences. We look at many different factors, including but not limited to: how you interact within the community, if you are helping build your Eliances community, guests that you invite that make an impact, and more.

Eliances respects our members and guests at Eliances experiences by vowing to keep their private data confidential. Members are encouraged to connect and share personal/business information within the member-only platform available to them, or in person at any of our experiences of which you have reserved a seat and attend. You also are welcome to take pictures of anyone at an experience and reach out to them through social media. Our Eliances communities contain current and former celebrities, politicians, those representing family offices, investors, angels, company officers and others who additionally have requested to keep a "low profile" for a variety of reasons; including security, association with who they are or represent, avoiding spam, solicitation, etc. We take this responsibility very seriously, and it is always our goal to make sure everyone at our experiences is welcome and comfortable.


Heroes in business

Eliances Heroes Radio Show

The Heroes Radio Show features CEOs, Founders, Celebrities and Athletes from household name companies, and name recognized individuals.